Live Music, Great Beer & Burger Bragging Rights
July 20th from 12 - 4 PM in the Ballston Courtyard


A friendly competition between five local burger masters.   Shall we meet the competitors?

Burger slingers prepare a 3.5 oz. slider with a maximum of 4 toppings. YOU get to EAT THEM ALL and vote for your favorite with the purchase of a ticket.

Nothing goes better with a burger than live 90's music and a New Belgium Brewery beer garden.

Don't you just hate it when beers cost a fortune at events?   Yeah, so do we.   So how does a nice and economical three dollars and fifty cents per ice cold craft brew sound?   What's that, you want to thank us?   No, no, no...thank YOU.   Thank US?   NO, THANK YOU!

July 20th from 12 - 4 pm in the Ballston Courtyard

The Courtyard is located two blocks from the Ballston metro, behind The Westin Arlington Gateway & in front of Big Buns.


An outdoor event with live music, lawn games, a New Belgium beer garden, and a friendly competition between five local masters in the DMV taking place on July 20th from 12 - 4 pm in the Ballston Courtyard located at 4401 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA.

Ticket holders get to savor ONE burger from EACH burger slinger and vote for their favorite. At the end of the event, a winner for "The Best Burger of the Day" will be crowned. The winner will receive the most EPIC trophy that Arlington has ever had the pleasure of existing around, AND four, yes four, Diamond Club tickets to a Washington Nationals home game.

Pretty sweet, right?

Yeah, we think so too.


A ticket gets you ONE mouthwatering, custom crafted, 3.5 oz. burger from EACH burger master, a single vote for your favorite burger of the day.

Music starts at 12:45 and ends at 3:15, the BRGR competition starts at 12:15 and ends at 3:30, the winner will be announced at 3:45.

Please note that there are a limited number of tickets and once they sell out, that's it...

Well, actually, we may set aside 25 or so extra tickets and scalp them ourselves the day of the event for fifty bucks each because that's what tickets to this thing are actually worth.

It's what economists commonly refer to as the law of supply and demand, and since our ticket supply is limited, demand for this bad boy is gonna be a hot red center. So do us all a favor young man, click that big red button on your right and come partake in this awesome local event.

BTW, this event is going down rain or shine, but don't worry- if it rains we'll have panchos for sale. Tickets are non-refundable.


Tickets cost $22* - going up to $25* on the day of the event. Burgers and beer go great with friends, so grab three (friends that is) and take advantage of our special ticket price when four tickets are purchased together.

*$2 of each ticket sold on will benefit the National MS Society.

Tickets will be available for pickup at the main entrance on the day of the event. You will receive an email with a poorly drawn map of where everything is located the week of the event (including where the tickets will be waiting for you to be picked please bring your ID because we will have the name that you used to purchase said tickets on a list...but also because you will need an ID to enjoy the beer garden).


We're sorry, this event is sold out.


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